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Build your own PC

4. Fit it all together - page 2 of 5

For your computer building you will need the following tools


Yes, that's it, one cross head screwdriver though a 5mm nut spinner is handy on occasions it is not absolutely necessary and thousands of computer 'engineers' don't posess one.

First thing to do is to employ all your tools to take the sides off your case


and fit the feet which most case suppliers leave up to you.

Next thing to do is to fit your 3 drives

Drive 1. Floppy, no jumper settings on the floppy but make sure you know before you insert it which end of the data cable socket is Pin 1. Most floppies have a 1 marked though some have the other end marked as 34 instead.

floppy drivefloppy 

Drive 2. Hard drive. Make sure you have set the jumper settings to make this drive the master. Actual jumper settings can vary quite wildly so if you are not sure then make your best guess and just remember that you were not sure when it comes to later stages so you can try different combinations to confirm the correct one. When you fit it make sure the circuit board is towards the bottom. Some manufacturers state this on the drive but most don't. Side mounting is ok if that suits you case but never mount them with the circuit board upwards if only because if anything comes loose later and it lodges on top of the hard drive then it is likely to short things out.

hard drivehard 

Drive 3. CD/DVD. This you would generally set as slave which for most CD/DVD's is done by a jumper over the center pins as marked below.

In order to fit the drives you will generally find that there are blanking covers on the case where the CD and Floppy Drive go which need to be gently prised out with a plain bladed screwdriver

and behind that there is a metal plate that needs to be removed too.

Most of the metal plates are removed by twisting and fracturing the thin bits of metal that still hold them in. Some come out very easily but many don't and Mr Gillette can be very much in evidence so be careful and keep a first aid kit handy.

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