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Monitor's can be DANGEROUS! We do not recommend that you open up the monitor yourself as they contain extremely high voltages even when turned off. Where appropriate take it to a qualified monitor repair person.

1. My monitor does not power up, what could be the cause?

2. My monitor has a red, blue or green tinge on the screen, Why?

3. Why is all the colour distorted on my monitor?

4. My monitor makes a clicking noise or flashes sometimes when entering windows.

5. How do I change the resolution on my monitor?

6. How do I connect two computers to one monitor?

7. What resolution should I run my monitor at?

8.What is the difference between an interlaced and non-interlaced monitor ?

9. What should I consider when buying a new monitor?

10. Can I use my television as a monitor?

My Monitor does not power up, what could be the cause?
Check to see that all the cables are connected and the monitor is switched on. Check to see if any lights are active on the monitor. If there are no lights on your monitor but your computer is on then you could have a problem with your monitor.

If you have lights active on your monitor, then you may have one of a number of causes:
A. The problem is with the computer not the monitor.
B. The monitor's connection to the computer is damaged.
C. The monitor is faulty.
Best advice is to check the monitor, if possible on another computer.

My monitor has a red, blue or green tinge to the screen, Why?
Check the monitor's video lead plug which will have about 15 pins in it. If one of these pins is bent or broken, this will cause the tinge on the screen. You can try and straighten a bent pin but if it is physically broken then you wil have to take it to a repair person.

Why is all the colour distorted on my monitor?
Open the Display Properties window by right clicking on your desktop and then click properties. When the Display properties box comes up, click settings. In the lower-left area of the window, you can adjust your color settings. The High Color or True Color option will give the most realistic images. Remember, though, that color settings and resolution settings go together, and some monitor/video card combinations can’t handle high settings in both areas.

My Monitor makes a clicking noise or flashes sometimes when entering windows.
If the monitor only clicks or flashes when entering windows or specific programs, the monitor is simply synchronizing itself with the video, and there is nothing wrong with the monitor.

How do I change the resolution for my monitor?
If you right click on an empty area of your Desktop and select properties. When the Display properties box comes up, select settings. Go down to the slider in the screen area and adjust your resolution accordingly. Select Apply and windows will come up with a message asking you if you want to keep this setting. Select yes, your screen may flicker while windows adjusts settings. You will find that if you alter your resolution, you may have to adjust your monitor picture using the horizontal/vertical buttons on your screen.

How do I Connect Two Computers to One Monitor?
First of all you need to buy a switch box and a pair
of SVGA cables if they aren’t included with the switch box you buy.
Shut down both computers
Connect the monitor to the switch box
Connect both computers to the switch box
Make sure all monitor plugs are screwed in properly and securely.
Turn on your monitor.
Reboot both computers
Turning the switch box control from A to B to make your different computers appear on the monitor.

What resolution should I run my monitor at?

Although there are not really any definate rules what resolution you should run your monitor at, the general guidelines for easy readability are usually followed. See the table below:

Monitor Size

Most monitors will tend to run a resolution higher than mentioned above, but bear in mind the size of the text.
eg: the higher the resolution the smaller the text.

What is the difference between an interlaced and non-interlaced monitor ?
Interlaced CRTs are used for standard television displays. In such a CRT, the electron gun first draws the odd numbered lines from the top to the bottom of the screen, then comes back to the top and draws the even numbered lines. While doing so, the non-refreshed lines often fade before they are redrawn resulting in flickering. In the non-interlaced mode, the screen is drawn from top to bottom, line-by-line, which produces less flicker and less eye strain for the user.

What should I consider when buying a new monitor?
There are a number of factors to consider when buying a new monitor. Your monitor may be the most expensive option of a new computer system, and is the part that you will be looking at most of the time, so it pays to get the right one for your purposes.

Firstly and most importantly, you need to decide on how much money you want to spend. Consider the size because once you've got this great big monitor sat on your desk, how much room is it going to take up? If desk space is limited, consider buying a flat-screen monitor -remember that flat screen monitors are more expensive than the average CRT monitors. Go to plenty of outlets and view as many as you can before making a final decision. You may also consider getting a cheaper deal by buying online, especially if its the same model you have already seen in the shop. (Don't forget that postage/shipping of monitors can be expensive). Compare features such as antiglare coating, digital controls, built-in microphone, built-in speakers or somewhere to mount speakers, USB ports and ease of adjustment. Compare warranties, as different monitors come with different warranties. Some have been known to come with the standard 1 year warranty and others with as much as 5 years warranty.
(The general warranty being 3, with the manufacturer).
For typical home/small business use, specifications are generally not of a great importance. Any name-brand monitor sold by a reputable dealer will feature at least the minimum specifications you need: .28 dot pitch, SVGA, non-interlaced and capable of 1024x768 resolution. For gaming or working with graphics, look for a monitor with a refresh rate of at least 75hz at 1024x768 resolution. Also remember that actual viewable size, which is measured diagonally, may compare quite differently on monitors made by different manufacturers, some might be slightly more generous with their viewable area than others and give you a few more extra millimetres. For example One monitor may have a viewable area of 15.1-inches and the other 16 inches. Not a great deal you might think, but those extra couple of mm's can make all the difference.

Can I use my television as a monitor?
There are plenty of video cards available nowadays which will convert a VGA signal to one that is compatible with your television set. Generally they have a TV out socket on the videocard which enables you to plug a composite out lead from your videocard into your TV.
If your TV doesn't display more than 640x480 then it's not really worth connecting if your intention is to work at it, otherwise you might use it for games or watching DVD's/Movies. Some of the more modern TV's will actually display at 1024x768.

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