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Windows Knowledge Base

Error Message: Lrun32 Caused an Exception 10h in Module Swflash.ocx

Troubleshooting Printing Problems in Windows 95/98/Millennium Edition

AOL Download Fails Over Dial-Up Networking TCP/IP Connection

Internet Explorer Opens .exe Files Instead of Downloading Them

Errors Reported When Using Microsoft Backup

Cannot Remove Microsoft Internet Explorer

Error 691: The Computer You Are Dialing in to Cannot Establish a Dial-Up Networking Connection

"Windows Cannot Find Program.exe" Error Accessing Web Page

Troubleshooting Cable Modems

OLEXP: Error Message: Msimn.exe Has Generated Errors and Will Be Closed by Windows

Error Message When You Try to Play an .avi File with Windows Media Player

Error Messages Occur When You Run Easy CD Creator in Windows XP

"Could Not Enable TWAIN Source" or "There Is No Scanner Found" Error Messages Are Displayed

Error Messages Appear During Upgrade from Windows Me or Windows 98 to Windows XP

Error Messages Are Incorrectly Displayed in English

Hardware Malfunction Results in System Error Message

Proxy-Related Error Messages Using Windows Media Player

Troubleshooting "Stop 0x00000077" or "KERNEL_STACK_INPAGE_ERROR"

Cannot Start Executable Programs (.exe Files) on Your Computer

How to Recover from a Corrupted Registry that Prevents Windows XP from Starting

Deleting Multiple Printers with Active Print Jobs Simultaneously Causes Multiple "Unable to Delete" Error Messages

NTVDM Error: There Is No Disk in the Drive

Err Msg: CHKDSK Detected Minor Inconsistencies on the Drive...

How to Replace .SYS files that Are in Use by the System

Error Messages Caused by Incorrect Serial Port Configuration

Disabling Printing Notification Dialog Boxes in Windows

Changing a Password from a Remote Windows Computer

Error Message When Installing TCP/IP or Adding TCP/IP Service

Blue Screen on Reboot After Installing Corel CD Creator 2.0

"Operation Could Not Be Completed" When Using Add Printer Wizard

Troubleshooting "Stop 0x0A" Messages in Windows

How to Install and Remove Codecs and MCI Devices in Windows

Cannot Capture DVD Video Image By Pressing PRINT SCREEN Key

Acer FX-3D Sound Card Doesn't Work After Upgrading to Windows 98

Packard Bell Computer Restarts Continuously

Err Msg: Cannot Display This Channel. Check Your TV Tuner Card...

Logic Audio 3.5 Hangs with Certain ISA Sound Cards

Aztech 2316 Sound Card Incorrectly Detected as SoundBlaster Pro

Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition Display.txt File Contents

Err Msg: Ddhelp.exe Caused an Invalid Page Fault in Module Mgaxdd32.dll

Multiple Display Not Working with Matrox G400 DualHead Display Adapter

Monitor Does Not Return Correctly From Hibernate Mode In Multiple-Monitor Configuration

Cannot Use High-Resolution Modes with ATI Mach-Series Cards

Joystick Port Is Not Removed When You Remove Sound Card

Icons Disappear or You Cannot Move Icons on the Desktop

How to Install and Use the PC Speaker Driver with Windows

Performance Problems Using USB Camera

How to Update a Sound Card Driver

How to Install a Point-to-Point Protocol in Windows

How to Connect to the Internet in Windows 95 and Windows 98

WFW TCP/IP Files May Result in Problems with Windows 95/98 TCP/IP

How to Use Winipcfg to View TCP/IP Settings

Dial-Up Networking Password Is Not Saved

How to Use NetMeeting with America Online as Your ISP

Err Msg: Cannot Open Internet Site Https://...

Disable File and Printer Sharing for Additional Security

Clicking Cancel on IP Address Tab Does Not Reset Changes

Error Message "Error 645" Using Dial-Up Networking

Windows XP Incorrectly Lists C-Media CM8738 Audio Sound Card as Unknown Device

Unrecoverable Errors Such as "Invalid Page Faults" or "General Protection Faults" in Internet Explorer

Memory Limitations of 64-bit Versions of Windows XP

Registry Size Limit Has Been Removed From Windows XP

Error Message: ACPI BIOS Is Attempting to Write to Illegal IO Port Address (0x80, 0x400, 0xcf8, 0xcfc)

Sony Memory Stick Does Not Work After You Format It with Your Computer

Windows XP Installation Uses Entire 3-Gigabyte Partition

HOW TO: Configure Devices By Using Device Manager in Windows XP

HOW TO: Configure Recovery Techniques in Windows XP

HOW TO: Move the Paging File in Windows XP

HOW TO: Troubleshoot Windows XP Setup Problems When You Upgrade from Windows 98 or Windows Me

PCMCIA Device May Not Work in Windows XP

"STOP 0x000000CE in Dxapi.sys" Error on Computer Where Video Adapter Has TV Tuner or Video Capture Feature

No Mouse/Keyboard After Updating Microsoft Natural Keyboard Pro Drivers

Error Message When You Try to Play an .avi File with Windows Media Player

HOW TO: Prepare and Scan a FAT32 Partition for Virus Detection and Removal

Laptop Computer Reaches 100 Percent CPU Usage After You Remove It from the Docking Station

HOW TO: Enable or Disable the CTRL+ALT+DELETE Sequence for Logging On in Windows XP

Problems When You Use PowerQuest Partition Magic 6.0 to Resize an NTFS Partition in Windows XP

"Insufficient Disk Space for Conversion" Error Message When You Convert a Disk from FAT to NTFS

Your Computer Hangs When You Log On to a Terminal Services Session

The Computer Reboots in the "Installing Devices" Section During a Windows XP Upgrade

The Add Hardware Wizard May Detect Disabled COM Ports

How to Configure an Alcatel USB Modem from British Telecom for ADSL Connectivity

Explanation of Error Codes Generated by Device Manager

The Internet Connection Firewall Can Prevent Browsing and File Sharing

Network Adapter Settings May Be Lost After You Upgrade to Windows XP

HOW TO: Configure Internet Connection Sharing

Troubleshooting Internet Connection Sharing in Windows XP

Troubleshooting Home Networking in Windows XP

How to Configure a Static Client for Windows XP Internet Connection Sharing

Using IEEE 1394 (FireWire) Devices with Windows XP

Time-Out Error Message When You Attempt to Connect to the Web Through Internet Connection Sharing

How to Enable Internet Connection Sharing on a Home or Small Office Network Connection



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