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Processor Help Pages

1. Can you please explain what a Flip chip is, I know it is a processor but why is it called that?

2. I want to put a new processor in my system. It is pentium 133. What is the maximum it will take?

3. I have just bought a new processor to put in my system. how do I know what jumper settings to use?

4. I have bought a Cyrix MII 300 and I have set the motherboard to 3x100 (100MHz bus and 3 times multiplication factor) but it won't run at all. What should I do to get it to run?

5. I am building a PC around an Athlon 900 Thunderbird CPU. There were 4 small round 'pads' on the top of the CPU - do these need to be removed before fitting the heatsink & fan?

6. I am installing a new processor in my system, what sort of heatsink and fan do I need and what about thermal compound?

7. Are there any adapters that can fit newer Processors into older motherboards?

8. Will a Pentium processor work in my 486 motherboard?

9. What are the differences between a Socket 5 and Socket 7 motherboard?

10. I've heard of 'remarked' chips. How can I tell if mine is legitimate?

11. What's the difference between an Intel boxed processor and an OEM version?

CPU Review - CPReviews, Articles and more

AMD Zone - Everything to do with your AMD Processor

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